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A deeply troubled woman seeks guidance from a shaman who takes her on an ethereal journey through her myriad of lifetimes. The source of her current day problems are revealed to be a repeat of past trauma and she has the chance to right some very ancient wrongs and break a dysfunctional cycle.


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Shae-Lee Shackleford is most well known for her work with the female comedy trio “SketchShe”. Their online videos have amassed over half a billion views worldwide. She has written and directed a TV sizzle for a female driven musical series entitled Posse; the result of receiving the highly prestigious Gender Matters Grant from Screen Australia. She was selected by Sony Pictures to write and direct a short film in conjunction with the release of their feature film “Searching” as well as completing an anthology feature film as one of five directors for the project, “Life on the Rocks”. Shae has also directed myriad commercials and branded content pieces.  She has two feature films in development, 'The Shaman' and 'The Aussie'.



Aurea Morrisey is an energetic and passionate Australian producer and performer currently living in the US, who has spent the last 15 years in the film and television industry.

A graduate from The Film & Television at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, she secured the prestigious O1 Visa which recognises individuals with extraordinary ability within the motion picture and entertainment industry, and has built a career in front of the camera on large scale TV productions for CW Network, ABC Network, and MSNBC; along with numerous feature films, short films and online series. Aurea has refocused in the past few years, building a body of work behind the camera, primarily as a producer and 1st AD.

Throughout this time she teamed up with director Shae-Lee Shackleford to produce Gender-Matters' TV concept POSSE, award-winning branded content for recognised companies such as Ralph Lauren, WSL, TEVA and multi-award winning ‘Thrush the Musical’ for Canestan. She has developed and produced television concepts and popular web series. The dynamic duo are currently developing two feature films, ‘The Aussie’ and ‘The Shaman’ which are set to bring them back to Australia to showcase their cultural heritage and homeland to international audiences.



Krista Fergusson is an Australian screenwriter with a 20 year background in production. She has run her own production company, Fabric Films, for over a decade, specialising in TVC & branded content. 

A passionate writer with an interest in supernatural dramas, she has been awarded at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, and been showcased at The Womens Film & Script Showcase, The Film & Script Showcase First 10 pages competition, The Tinseltown Productions Screenplay Contest and the All Genre Screenplay Contest in Los Angeles. 

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